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Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.
- George Orwell, 1984


This quote was mentioned in a conversation among us and with this in mind we found the name for our game publishing studio ‘Doublethink’. This highlights perfectly our core value as a game publisher - helping development studios to maximize the revenue from their games while delivering the best game experience to their players.

Here is the truth that we discovered over the years working as publisher,producer, developer,designer -  we understand that there are lots of creative studios that are dedicated to bring the pure fun to their players. It might not be easy for those studios to generate revenue while delivering the best game experience. At the same time, we also understand that from most of publishers’ perspectives, the best game experience can be compromised for maximising the revenue. Is there a way to create a pure user experience and gain a reasonable amount of revenue from the game? There you go. Doublethink. This is where we stands for. As doublethinkers, we take it as our mission to come up with solutions to help development studios creating the great game experience as well as generating the revenue out of their titles so that they can keep going and continuously working on the next awesome project. 

We’d love to work with what we love: games and the passion behind them.The passion and unique taste of games brought this study of us together and we hope that we can give back the same passion and love of games to the gamers.




Melbits World

Available now on iOS/Android

Featured on Apple Store

There are lot of cute little creatures living secretly behind your console’s screen, behind your PC screen, and now they will arrive to your phone shortly! Finding the way out is never an easy thing to do in the world of Melbits - please try to help the adorable residents of the Internet finding the correct path on the net. Melbits need Your help! Please feel free to join their magical journey and meet some new friends!


Good Knight

Coming soon on Steam

One button bullet hell game. Use your agility and quickness to dodge bullets. Battle in different mysterious hells against giant bosses and compete with your friends!
Featuring automatically changed camera angle, and original metal soundtracks. Get ready for the blockbuster kind of visual and auditory enjoyment!


Potion Punch 2 (China IOS)

Available now on iOS/Android

Featured on Apple Store

Go on a brand new cooking adventure in the fun fantasy world of Potion Punch 2!
Join Lyra, a determined young alchemist, on an epic magical quest to cure her mentor Noam’s mysterious gnomified condition.
Play as a traveling shopkeeper and run an assortment of shops; from fantastical taverns, mystical restaurants, and enchanted diners, to every magical item shop in between. A new and exciting gameplay experience awaits you in every chapter!



Available Now on iOS

Featured on Apple Store

Necrosphere is a bite-sized metroidvania game you control WITH ONLY TWO BUTTONS!
Become the recently deceased agent Terry Cooper and escape the underworld while facing the toughest, meanest and most difficult obstacles ever devised.
Necrosphere is where you go when you die, regardless of being good or bad. You don’t see other people around there. You don’t have anything to do, except waiting for eternity As soon as Agent Terry Cooper hits the Necrosphere, he learns about the portals that can take him back to the world of the living (also called Normalsphere), and his quest to escape the afterlife is set.


one finger death punch 2

Available now on iOS/Android

Featured on Apple Store

As a sequel of One Finger Death Punch, players will find the classic two-button mechanic as in the origin One Finger Death Punch. During the past 5 years,  Silver Dollar Games, the development studio, has been working hard to improve the game mechanics in order to bring more surprise for players worldwide.



Avaliable now on iOS

Featured on Apple Store

In Keynect, as a righteous emissary, you are responsible to help BBot escape the evil clutches of his crazy EX. Solve their mind-bending puzzles to help BBot escape by pulling the floating key with magnets towards the keyhole. Collect all 3 coins or the rare green coins to unlock the final door so they can break-up forever. Think you can out smart the ex in this uniquely addictive, physics based puzzle adventure?

Ninja Shadow Class

Coming Soon on iOS/Android

The gameplay design of Ninja Shadow Class is partly inspired by one of the classical game that a lot of players had played ever since they were little - Mappy . Players are going to explore the world by their sharped Ninja skills and to get the things that they need while avoiding their own shadows to catch them - because you will be moving ridiculously fast that your own shadows will get in your own way!


Ball at Work

Available Now on Google Play

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the office after everyone has gone home from work?! Take control of the Bouncy Ball and find out for yourself! In Ball at Work, you will discover the crazy antics of the naughty Ball who will bounce around the empty office by smashing through piles of books, bringing down the shelves, swinging over the lights and sneaking through the vents to uncover the path to goal!


Relic Hunter Blitz

Coming Soon on iOS/Android

In Development


                                                                                   AND MORE

Our Team

Max Ma

Product Lead

Max has been working as Product Manager for publishing teams for years which gave him opportunities to participate with hits from the publishing side, such as Crossy Road, Will Hero, Beat Racer, etc.


Try to talk about “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Pearl Jam” with him and you might get the chance to be his best friend.

Yuexin Wang

Product Manager

Xin used to work as product manager and designer in Zplay. He was responsible for multiple successful games, such as Ide Grass Cutter, Leapon, Tileshop, and in charge of games like Wood Block Puzzle, Woodblockudoku, which had over 2 million DAU.


He has a good sense of the gaming market, experienced, and always being patient when working in development.

Shuoyang Yu

BD Manager

Shuoyang’s obsession with games was unleashed after he spent a whole day at school watching his classmates playing Pokemon Red. After he came back home, he asked his grandfather for a Gameboy, but end up having a PC instead. Unfortunately, that was the only present he has ever received from his family.


He’s a cat person, Lofi radio listener, loving hanging around with Jamaicans and watching South Park.

Yuejun Wang

Co-Founder & COO

Yuejun had been working as a data analyst in several well-known domestic game companies. Yuejun has a great passion for games since middle school, board game especially. This passion led Yuejun into the game industry.

Jun Qi

Art Lead

Qi has been very much enjoyed the life of the art world ever since he started to draw his first comic. During his career, he participated in the movie Black Coal, Thin Ice (awarded Golden Bear by 64th Berlin International Film Festival) as one of the artists of the scene design team. He also developed his own games before joining Doublethink Games.

Jianjun Qin

QA Lead

Working over 7 years on QA, Jianjun deeply understands what kind of impact of quality assurance can bring to the game - sometimes the impact can be fatal. Jianjun has a great interest in Japanese detective literature, especially fond of the works of ひがしの けいご(Higashino Keigo).

Hilda Lee

BD Manager

Hilda is a cat lover who hopes to be surrounded by the most lovely things in the world, like cats, dogs, music, and games. She determined to devote her passion to the game industry after she caught Slowpoke in Pokemon.


Before joining in Doublethink Games, She got the experiences of working in game publishing companies as BD manager and marketing manager. Now she is on board and ready for exciting adventures with you.



What We Do?


Polishing game-play and monetization system from Publisher's perspectives base on our years of experience. This is always one of the most important part that will influence the user experience and revenue generated from the game direcrtly. We will come up with detailed document to support our developers.

UA Assistance

We are able to bring UA assistance. Working with many different genres of titles and we are able to come up with a data module during UA campaign to make sure a quick ROI.

Quality Assurance

We understand that sometimes one bug can lead to very serious situation such as data declined, lower rating, etc. Moreover, we will have our professionals to examine for UI/UX, the logic between interface, etc to make sure that the players can get the best experience.


We are able to help on communication with App Store/Google Play for featuring and come up with our pitch doc for features. Featuring via App Store/Google Play is one of the most important ways to build up the branding and to attract more organic users to the title.


Localisation is not simply defined as translation as for different market, there should be customised content as well. We are able to bring our insights on this part.

Art Support

Our over 10 years experienced art designers are able to support and help all the art works that the game needs for publishing, such as in game assets, art promo materials for marketing , screenshots and icon for App store and Googleplay etc.


China ISBN Apply

             Base on our experience and

public relationship in China, we are able to help developers to get their China ISBN with               a even shorter time, for free!


There are a lot of great PC games which are also suitable for mobile platforms.We are able to bring our tech support on porting the PC title to mobile version to explore the large market of iOS/Android platforms.



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